Friday, May 27, 2011

Farewell to Fat Friday!

I'm starting a Friday series to help me keep track of my weight loss, and to document my triumphs [or downfalls] each week. I feel like having this weekly check in will keep me accountable, and will help me actually stick to this. I'm not savvy enough to create a link up, but I would love if you would join me on this journey.
I'm using this picture for [Thinspiration]...It was immediately un-tagged from FB because my immediate thought was, I don't look like that...there's no way! But a picture doesn't lie, and that is why I have to do this, and I have to do it now!
PS: Don't I have gorgeous friends?
I officially started my diet yesterday...I had to grab a quick breakfast because I didn't have time to prepare the night before, so I grabbed some scrambled eggs from McD's, and had water. I had decided on Subway for lunch, but right after 11 we had 2 delivery men walk in our office door within 5 minutes of one another...The first was a sign from the diet Gods...(The reason I know it was from the diet Gods is because the only things dipped in chocolate were bananas...GAG!)
Yum-O...I forgot how much I love grapes...they went on the shopping list!
The second delivery was not from the diet Gods, obviously..Mexican Chicken w/a roll, and a Chocolate Rum Walnut muffin...Everything in moderation, right? Fortunately I had a lot of fruit from our Edible Arrangement, so I picked through the Mexican Chicken, and passed on the roll and muffin...I've obviously had enough of those in my day! Ha :)

This weekend is a Holiday weekend, and that always calls for a family function, which also calls for food. Can we talk about something for a second? The ladies in my family can cook...actually they can't just cook, then they COOOOOK! I mean, good, southern, fat, fried, sugar, butter...givin' Paula Deen a run for her money COOK! This weekend will really be a test, I know Nate and I will have a date night, and then we will have a family fish fry Monday, but I have to stick to this...if I don't do it now...when will I?
I hope you all have a great weekend! I can't wait to hear your triumphs for the week...and I am always open to advice, suggestions, or something that has worked for you!


Savanah said...

I respect your honesty! and I am excited to be following you through your journey :) Have you tried myfitnesspal? It's a great website to help track calories. I will probably do this along with you too!!

Lacey said...

Thanks girl..I appreciate your support! I haven't heard of that website! I'll have to check it out! Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm here for you if you need to pick by brain about anything.

Leah said...

I love my fitness pal!!! It's an app for your iphone that tracks calories : ) It's amazing. Anyway, I respect your honesty, too and I wish you luck! I'm trying to lose the last 20 pounds from Ry unsuccessfully. haha!

Betty said...

Awesome job deciding to start losing weight!! Sometimes that's the hardest part! Best of luck doing this!!! And, don't put too much pressure on yourself this weekend. The first family event is always hard!!!

Michelle said...

I just found this post through the Meet & Greet link up and I'm so glad I did! I will definitely join this journey with you and we can motivate each other!!! xoxo

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