Thursday, May 19, 2011


I ran across this list on Jenn's blog @ Perfectly Imperfect. What I cute idea!? I decided to link up! Go check out her blog, it's too cute!

Current Book(s):
I'm still working on Something Borrowed...I want to finish before I see the movie!

Current Playlist:
Leather and Lace - The version from The Voice w/Casey & Tim
You Lie - The Band Perry  
Down on Me - Jermih ft. 50 Cent

Current Color:
French on my nails and Essie E-Nuf is E-Nuf on my toes!

Current Drink:
Sweet Tea

Current Favorite Show:
The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and Law & Order SVU

Current Wishlist:
LV Speedy 35, Nikon D3100, Miss Dior Cherie Perfume, and a new Hobo wallet 

Current Needs:
A 7 day vacation here...

Current Triumphs:
 I cooked something this week that was actually edible! Woo Hoo! Paula Deen in training! ;)

Current Bane(s) of my Existence:
 People who take advantage of others kindness! Keep it up, and I will call you on it!

Current Celebrity Crush:
Robert Downey Jr...Current, Always,

Current #1 Blessing:
Life in general...I have a great job, a great family, a great group of friends, a wonderful boyfriend, and most importantly an AWESOME God!
Current Indulgence:
 My last bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs(not to be confused with Cadbury cream eggs...gag!) from Easter...They will soon be gone and it'll be a long 6 months until the Christmas version comes out!

 Current Outfit:
Sheer sweater with leopard tank underneath with boyfriend jeans and gold sandals!
Current Excitement:
My new blog design preview that I should be receiving today! 

Current Mood:
Excited (for the weekend) 

Go link up and play along!


Jennifer said...

It's so great to "meet" you Lacey!! I love your sheer sweater and leopard combo ~ very pretty!
Something Borrowed was a great book but don't expect the same greatness from the movie, sadly. John Krasinski was the best part of it though and I heart him!
Thanks for linking up!

Jennee said...

Oh Robert. I do love him. He has a special place in my heart.

Anonymous said...

I love your last special shout out under "Current Blessing"! :)

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