Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Social

This week I'm linking up with Neely & Ashley for Sunday social. 
What is your all-time favorite song?
 Seriously, I love Journey way more than any 25 year old girl should. Don't Stop Believin' is definitely one of my all time favorite songs!
What is your favorite singer/band?
I love Lady Antebellum! They have incredible voices, and so many of their songs have related to me at different points in my life. 

What is your theme song/song that best describes your life?
American Honey by Lady Antebellum

What songs put you in a good mood?
 Pretty much anything listed below, any old school Britney Spears, Lil' John & The Eastside Boys...anything that reminds me of being in High School with 6 friends in a 4 seater car, sunroof open and the radio turned up loud!

What is your favorite road-trip music?
My last road trip CD is actually still in my car from 2 years has everything from Britney Spears, The Dixie Chicks, The Judd's, some ghetto rap, and some 80's music! It's full of those songs you haven't heard in YEARS, but you still know every word!

 What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?

Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus
Put it on, I guarantee you I could sing every word! My girls and I will turn this song up ridiculously loud whenever it comes on!
No Shame!


bailey j said...

Totally agree with your feel good music!! Lil Jon used to always be pumping on the weekends with my friends and I in High School ahaha. So funny! (i love party in the usa too... no big deal aha) xx

Nikki P said...

I love Lady A, I can't believe I forgot them on my list (but it was getting wayy too long anyway). Great choices, American Honey is definitely one of my faves. And love me some Party in the USA from time to time!

Holly Grass said...

Found you on Sunday Social. I love Journey too

Southern Glamourista said...

Found you on Sunday Social

Lady A is definitely one of my faves!

Established: 2008 said...

I LOVE Journey!!! It makes me oh-so-happy! Nice to meet you!

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