Thursday, June 14, 2012


current book(s)

current playlist
I may or may not still jam to Boyfriend by Bieber at least once a day?! 
Really more than anything I've been listening to Dave Ramsey podcasts lately. I did really well with FPU, but fell off the wagon when wedding planning started. I'm starting the program again, and the podcasts seem to keep me on track!

current color
I'm pretty obsessed with Essie's neon collection, I have them all, but my favorite by far is Lights. It's on my fingers and my toes!

current favorite show(s)

 current needs
I could really use a week here!

current banes of my existence
If you happen to be a young reader of my blog or you haven't got your first credit card yet, DON'T DO IT!  

current celebrity crush
Although, Taylor Lautner is looking quite smoking in this picture! 

current #1 blessing
 I'd say that would be having a job that I love. It seems so many people dislike their jobs, I'm super fortunate to have one that I don't mind getting up and going to everyday!

current indulgence
Our produce section at Wal-Mart has these little snack packs with apples and caramel dip w/nuts. They are my favorite "sweet treat" here lately!

current outfit
Since I wear scrubs on a daily basis (boring)...Here's one of my favorite outfits I've pinned lately! I definitely want to try and re-create it!
current excitement
149 Days!

current mood

current favorite quote or verse
It's all about contentment! I'm trying to make myself remember both of these!

 current wishlist item
I am dying to buy a's definitely on the top of my list!


current favorite product(s)


Jennifer said...

I must check out these neon polishes you speak of!
When you go to paradise can I come with you????
Having a job that you love is something that I've never experienced so that's amazing that you have that.

Thanks for linking up Lacey!

Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

LOVE that polish!!
And I completely second the credit cards! We are in the same boat. Trying to get debt paid off since the wedding is over.
Love that outfit!
And if you buy that house in your picture..I'm moving in with you! :)

Amber said...

We need to plan another girls trip!!! I would also like to watch Magic Mike with you, k?!

Holly said...

I love those apple and caramel packs too! It's half fruit, how can that be bad! Ha!

Savanah said...

ummm, Essie has a neon line?? I need to find these ASAP!!!

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