Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday w/ some Pinteresting Photos!

Today I'm participating in 2 of my favorite link ups! I am loving so many things this week, and most of them are photos and ideas I have gotten from Pinterest...So this is What I'm Loving Wednesday and Pinteresting Wednesday!

I'm Loving...That this Friday night I am heading to spend a couple days with my family...these sweet little girls have a dance recital Friday, I can't wait to see them!
I'm Loving...That plans for Mom's 50th Birthday are coming together...these are the times when I wish I weren't an only child...a little help in planning would be great right about now!

I'm Loving...My new blog design! Jenn at Munchkin Land Designs did a fabulous job...Leopard...Pink...Glitter...gorgeous!!

I'm Loving...That Watermelon Margaritas are back at On The Border...woooooo-hoooooo (O.C. Vicki Style)...Kyndall and Julianne...we need a GNO pronto!
I'm Loving...This Hobo wallet...It's about time for a new one and I LOVE this design!
I'm Loving...This sweet man...always!
I'm Loving...All these home decor ideas I've found on Pinterest this week! I am currently obsessing over redecorating my house...the only room I really like is the kitchen, but I would still like to add a few pieces there as here's my Pinteresting Wednesday photos!

I love these bold curtains!

I like the fun colored furniture pieces...much cuter than my boring brown!
This rug is gorgeous...I am obsessiong over black/white/gray/yellow in the bedroom and this rug would be prefect!

I love the design on the headboard!
The sun mirror, and the yellow nightstands...Fab!

These are too fun, and they're DIY! Great for an inexpensive accent!
I love a simple color palate with a BOLD accent this rug...I'm not sold on this color or rug...but I like the idea!!
I hope you're all having a great Wednesday...go link up with one or both of these ladies today!


Savanah said...

that is a great pic of you and your man!

Meghan said...

That watermelon margi is calling my name... YUM!

Kristen said...

That rug IS gorgeous! Love the idea for doing your bedroom is those colors. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Zara said...

I'm loving all the fun decor ideas, especially the green wall with black and white accents. LOVE IT!

Oh and I have to try those watermelon margaritas, they sounds amazing! :-)

Happy Wednesday!

Joeylee said...

love the new blog design. I'm loving all the home decor from Pinterest. Pinterest is my new obsession.

Greer's Gossip said...

Yum!! A watermelon margarita sounds soo good right about now!!

Beth McC. said...

LOVE this post and I love that Watermelon margarita!! I want those stripe curtains do bad but they are so darn expensive!!!

BeckyJo606 said...

I love your blog design--so so cute! I am so obsessed with pinterest it's not even funny!

Sarah said...

Ahh Pinterest has some AWESOME decorating ideas! Seriously, I am so obsessed and I can't wait to find things to decorate my apartment with from there!

Jewely Bug said...

Great photos and pins! I love the lime green wall and the accents. So cute. :)

Lori said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing :) I love Pinterest.

New follower, please stop on by..

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I love your picks from pinterest...I feel like I need to follow you so I can repin them! lol! I'm totally addicted! I also LOVE your blog name..super cute! Following you!!

Kristy said...

Beautiful pictures and great pins! I LOVE pinterest!!

Amber said...

LOVING your loves. I wish I could go to the girls recital this weekend. Love your bloggy design and absolutely love the interior design pictures! :)

Elizabeth said...

Such a cute blog!! I'm loving it! :)

New follower here!

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