Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Randoms!

Our good friends are having baby Lynlee today! I can't wait to go meet her after I leave the office! Last update she was at 10 and pushing, so it should be any minute now!
Grandma's 80th Birthday party was a success, around 70 friends and family members showed up to celebrate with her. 

"Crafty Lacey" is going to attempt to make favors for Mom's 50th...I'm planning to make custom candy bar covers to wrap around Reese (her fav. candy)...I'll let you know how that goes!

I seriously think I may have an addiction to Pinterest, and I think that obsession has stemmed an obsession for Wedding ideas...I am not engaged, and we aren't planning to have a huge wedding when the time comes that's what he thinks ;), but I cannot stop pinning on my "Someday" board!

I was really doing well with not spending money, but I have been having some "withdrawals" from frivolous spending...I just need to go buy a new purse or something an get over it! Lol

We saw Bad Teacher this weekend...Hilarious...Vulgar...But Hilarious!

I need one of these in my life...I have become obsessed with Monograms....dang you blog world!
I seriously thought I was going to do well with the whole Dave Ramsey thing, but quite frankly I'm sucking it up these days!  :/

I seriously need a vacation in my life, and since this summer is out I'm thinking a long weekend in NYC this Winter! I text my 2 fav. responded "Gross...December NYC cold snow", the other "I would love to go, I've always wanted to"...I knew I could depend on JA for a NYC shopping/sightseeing trip ;) is in the works! We all suck at making anything other than dinner plans, so we shall see how this goes...but it would take care of #9 & #11 on the 30 before 30 list, so it needs to happen! 

That's all the randomness I have for today...Hope you've all had a great Monday!


Julianne said...

NYC in the Winter Lets do this! Dave ramsey should have had a class on blog expense, because when you start something you go to the extreme! haha love!

Stephy said...

Randomness! I love it =)

I vote for a new purse. Those are always fun! I am in need. I spent the weekend shopping & I got lots of stuff, but not a purse - I will have to save that for this weekend!!

Happy Monday.

Holly said...

I love anything monogrammed! Blogging and Etsy have only made it worse. Ugh.

Kyndall said...

uhhhhhhh Ill freaking go... I just HATE COLD WEATHER... so you two have to listen to me whine and wine... Give me the details when you sort them out. And I told you so about ole davy....

Savanah said...

you will have so much fun in NYC at Christmas! Let me know if you need any tips :)

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