Friday, June 3, 2011

Farewell to Fat Friday!

Well...week 1 was...not exactly a success. I was hoping I would be able to blog today about 7 days of a strict new diet, a new work out routine, and possibly a few pound lots...but that's not the case. So I guess today's FTFF is going to be a Q & A session from you success stories out there who have made this happen for yourselves!

Q: How do diet during Holiday's? When you're having family cookouts and grilling with friends, do you eat the same thing as everyone else, just a smaller portion, or do you bring yourself something else?

Q: Is it better to join a program like Weight Watchers and count points daily, or just keep up with your calorie intake yourself?

Q: What is a reasonable about of weight that you can expect to lose in a weeks time?

Q: What are some of your favorite healthy meal options? Particularly breakfast...I'm a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal, and an apple or an orange just doesn't cut it for me! 

Q: I know "they" recommend to eat several small meals during the day, rather than 3 large meals. Are the extra "meals" just snacks? 

Q: Do you cheat...and if so, how often? I know that just sounds like I'm wanting to in all have to give your self a break once a month...once every 2 weeks?

Thank you guys so much for the response to last weeks post! I really appreciate all the comments and encouragement! I'm not going to let myself fail at this...I know I can do this...just have to commit!

Another question from the newbie blogger :)  How do I respond to all your comments on my posts? 

I'll leave you with a few photos from my "Thinspiration" album on Pinterest!


Jessie said...

Hi! I am a fairly new follower of your blog. Here are some of my answers to your questions. I am by no means an expert but I can share with you what has worked for me.
1. During Holiday's I will typically either eat what is provided just a smaller portion or bring my own. It just depends on how comfortable I am feeling with the person's house we are going to and the other people who are there.

2. I love weight watchers! I have done it three different times and lost 20 pounds each time. I am the kind of person who needs something like WW to keep me accountable, I can't do it on my own. It is nice going to the meeting too because you learn tips from others.

3. At WW they tell you .5 to 2 pounds a week is a good range. It may be higher at the begging because of the big change but then will drop off to that range.

3. I eat whole wheat toast with fat free peanut butter and a cut up banana ever morning with a bottle of water and coffee. I get a grande skinny carmel latte from Starbucks.

5. I have one free day each week. I try to make it a week day though since the weekend can get out of control. This summer it is Sunday and I weigh in on Saturday so then I have six days of being on track before my weigh in.

Also, I am fairly new to blogging, Ok it has been a year but I still don't know how to do a lot of things. If you figure out how to respond to your comments I would love to know! I know some people will email me directly but it always comes up with the stuff in the subject line.

I hope some of this helps! Good luck with your journey!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I've tried so many different programs, but found ww to be the one thing I could stick with. I need to know my boundaries, and I felt with ww I could eat basically whatever I wanted in moderation, plus they have flex points that let you splurge every now and then!

In your blogger settings tab, at the bottom of the page you can put in your email and all your comments will be sent to you then you can reply to all the commenters!

PS I'm having a Summer Luvin' Saturday party should definitely play along and link up all the summer fun your having! More details are on my blog! :)

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