Monday, June 20, 2011

Anyone up for some bullet points?!

So, as I sit here trying to come up with an amazing blog post this morning, it's just not happening! So here's a run down, and who doesn't love bullet points? They're so official!
  • This weekend I moved in with my parents to save money and pay off debts, thankfully this was a short move (across the yard), and it resulted in a new neighbor...this good lookin' red headed boy who kinda has my heart :)
  • If you didn't put the pieces together, Nathan now lives in my house. He had intended on buying a house later this summer closer to me, but this worked out really well for both of us, and he let me keep most of my closet space in the house! Score! 
  • I seriously need a money manager...I want to be completely debt free (except my car) before Nate and I get married.
  • I found the last part of Mom's 50th Birthday present, I hope she loves it! Now I just have a  few little things to finish before her party! Must.Mail.Invitations.This.Week!!!
  • It is entirely too freaking hot in Arkansas right now...I cant imagine what July/August will be like! September, please!?
  • My mother and I might end up killing each other as a result of my new living situation, she might be reconsidering the whole "No shacking up with your boyfriend"! 
I hope you all had a great weekend! Just 4 days until the next one :)


Holly said...

My BA is accounting related and I am crazy about saving money. Have you tried making a nice spreadsheet? Sometimes pretty spreadsheets and graphs really will help you stay on track. Especially if you print them out and put them where you'll see them several times a day!

When I moved back home after college it didn't take long before my Mom and Stepdad were ready to roll over on the living together before marriage stuff. At least you have twice the closet space now! :)

Stephy said...

Moving back in with parents is so hard! I've been there & it's not the greatest. It's good to save money. It's good to spend some time with your family. But it can get to be a little much when you've been out on your own! Good luck =)

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