Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites!

There are so many things that I am loving right now, but to keep this post manageable...I'll just share a few! 

I got this Body Butter this week at Sephora. I've always heard about Body Shop; but have never had the chance to try any on their products, so when Sephora started carrying it I knew the Body Butter was a great place to start! The smell is a light citrus scent, and this formula just melts into your skin! I got the travel size, and I can't wait to use it up and go back for the big one!

I got this watch for Christmas, and I absolutely love it! I actually ordered it in gold earlier this week (I had rewards dollars from a CC that had to be used by June, simmer down, no need to alert Dave Ramsey..Ha!) I can't wait to get it in! I love gold in the summer!
Tarte released this new line of blushes at Sephora
that has 12 hour staying power; and if you're like me, and your makeup has usually left the building by noon, then this is a pretty impressive claim. So far, so good! I got the color Dollface, and it's actually done what it says it will. I'm not sure if it'll go 12 hours, but if it'll last through my work day, I'll take it! 


Earlier this week my friend Kyndall and I had Genghis Grill, it was my first time, but I'd been wanting to try it for a while. And it's pretty wonderful, if you can get past the whole raw meat situation GAG!


Spring in Arkansas...enough said! 

I finally broke down and jumped on the Twitter band-wagon! Love it! Follow me : laceyjhix86

The Pioneer Woman, if you don't know who she is, you should! I follow Leah at The Imperfect Momma; and she mentioned her several months ago so I immediately bought her first book, a cookbook filled with wonderful recipes, stories, and photos from her life. Throughout the past few months I have been captivated by the stories she tells, the amazing photographs she takes, and the scrumptious recipes she shares! She will be in Arkansas tomorrow, promoting her new book, and I going to see her...who's excited?! Yea...I'm excited!! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


Kyndall said...

1. I want to start a blogspot because of this...
2. Thanks for stealing the last orange lotion.
3. I used that $5
4. What envelope did all that come from??

Lacey said...

1. You should start a blogspot..I could be your 1 follower, and you could be mine!
2. No problem..I love it..What, do you think it's your Birthday or something?! Ha :)
3. What $5?!
4. The same envelope I mentioned to you yesterday ;)...Probably shouldn't mention it here...might get kicked off Blogspot :)

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