Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday: Wedding Hair/Makeup edition!

Beautiful makeup.
I like this color on the lids.
This is the hairstyle I initially fell in love with, lets hope my hair is long enough to pull off something like this!! She's flawless!
Love this eye look!

Another hair option

I like the cheek and the nude lip....oh and the flawless foundation!
Her hairstyles are all so precious...I like this option and think my hair is long enough for it.   

Happy Wednesday Y'all!
Go link up with Michelle today and share your favorite pins!


Kate at Dream To Life said...

Simply gorgeous pics!!! Love it!

Ginny said...

Love your pins!! New follower to your blog and I love it when I come across a fellow Arkansan!

Ashley said...

I wish I could do all of these things. Love Carrie's hair in that pic! :)

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