Friday, July 8, 2011

These are my confessions...

I Confess...That I am completely over Summer...hurry up September!

I Confess...That I failed at my "30 day no buy" surprise there!

I Confess...That I am at one of the happiest points I have ever been in my life...I finally feel like I know where things are going. I have a great family, I couldn't ask for better friends, I love my job, and I am absolutely head over heels, never felt this way, ridiculously in love!

I Confess...That I seriously need to develop more healthy eating habits, and a workout plan...If I don't start something I will always feel the way I do now.

I Confess...That I have become obsessed with planning a am a freak of nature...we are not engaged, and when we do get married we aren't having a huge wedding, just close friends and family at his parents lake house...but I don't do simple well! Haha..I need a new hobby!

I Confess...That since my last confession I text the friend that was mentioned...We text on and off for an afternoon, and she seemed just as excited about reconnecting as I did...I mentioned getting together for dinner, catching up on some things...she said that would be great, so I told her to pick a night. I haven't heard from her since's almost been 3 weeks. The good person inside me wants to think she is just busy, and has a lot going on, but the truthful bitch inside me knows it has something to do with her current bf. I really didn't want to give up on her...she was such an important part of my life...but at this point I can honestly say...I am done...

I Confess...That I am so insanely excited about NYC! It's still almost 5 months away, and everyday I find myself scouring the internet looking for things that we could do on our trip! I can't wait!

I Confess...When I dropped Lexy off at the dealership this morning to have some recalls fixed, I spotted a realllllllll pretty RX 350...I think that would be a fantastic 25th birthday present, if anyone was stumped on what to get me ;)  Hahaha

I Confess...That I still love Taylor Swift! Don't judge!

Happy Friday! I hope y'all have a great weekend!
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Kyndall said...

Im going to tell you... I told you so.. Ive been done because I know how she is.

PS why are we friends... wedding, taylor swift.

Amber said...

I couldn't go 30 days without buying anything either. Great try though.

So happy you are in such a good point in your life!

I am so jealous you are going to NYC during Christmas time..can you pack me in your suitcase?

A RX 350 sounds pretty fabulous! Drop Nate a few hints ;)

Stephy said...

30 days shopping free would be so hard. I know I would fail.

I love Taylor Swift. I don't even care =)

Stacie said...

One sided friendships are the pits, but wedding planning is a blast!

kel said...

I've been reconnecting with past friends lately too, and I was brushed off a few times...maybe she's just nervous? good luck!

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