Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday to the best Mom a girl could ask for! You've always been my biggest fan, and loved me the most when I deserved it the least. I love you, and look up to you  more than you'll ever know!
I had a really busy, but fun weekend! We celebrated all weekend long, you only turn 50 once, right? Friday night I finalized all the reservations for her party on Saturday (I thought), finished all the party favors, and got all her gifts wrapped.
I thought her favors turned out really cute.
Saturday I had to do all the last minute running around, flower shop, pick up the cake, and find a present from will be boys! We had her party at a steakhouse in a small town in Southern Arkansas. They have a "village", very similar I guess to an Amish type community? They have everything you need, toy store, jewelry store, bakery, garage, furniture store, a few different restaurants, and I think that most all of the employees live in the village as well. It was my first time there, but Mom picked where she wanted to go. It was really neat, we looked around at the shops before dinner, and then met up with the group. There was a little trouble with our reservation, needless to say our party of 34 was already seated with drinks, then moved to a private room...which we were supposed to have initially had. It turned out fine, the food was phenomenal, everyone had a great time, and most of all Mom loved it. I was stumped on what to get her, so I ended up with a Brighton necklace, then Dad and I got her the red Kitchen Aid stand mixer she has wanted for a couple years! 
Nate and I at The Village taxidermy.
Sunday night her best friends threw her a surprise party at a local Mexican restaurant. There were 82 people there, they had a funny slideshow, a cowboy popping out of a cake, and a few other tricks up their sleeves! It was a lot of fun, but I am birthday partied out! Lol! I know she really enjoyed all of it, and 50 will definitely be a birthday she will remember!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Tonight myself and my favorite girls [Say No To Recycling, and Just a Simple Life] are having a Girls Night In! We're cooking recipes from our favorite ladies cookbook! Should be a great way to end a Monday! :)


Kyndall said...

My blog will not let me reply to your comment...but... Let's not throw around the bf term around and no he only has Pyrex right now!

Holly said...

Looks like all your hard birthday planning turned out great! Glad your Mom had a good time. My Mom is turning 50 later this year!

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