Tuesday, September 27, 2011

25th Birthday Weekend!

Hey blog loves...I guess I should fill you all in on my 25th Birthday weekend...I did survive, and have dealt with the fact that I am halfway to 50! Everything started last Monday when my sweetheart sent me a gorgeous bouquet of roses to enjoy all week at my office. 
My good friend Julianne also celebrated 25 early in the week on Tuesday so our best friend Kyndall threw us a surprise birthday party at one of our favorite restaurants and invited other friends, it was such a good time and Kyn really put a lot of thought into everything...our cake was amazing. Julianne and I are going to NYC together in December, so this is what she made had for us!  

 It was perfect!! I got some great goodies from the girls! Friday was my actual Birthday and I woke up to gifts from Mom and Dad, then had to start a busy, busy day! I had to knock out a little community service (court ordered...for speeding...I'm not a real criminal)...then pack up and head north to Fayetteville for my Birthday weekend, and to see Nate weigh in for his fishing tournament. My friend Darrah, and her baby Lynlee went up with me because her b/f and Nate fish together so we decided to make a girls weekend out of it! We did some shopping on the way up, then finally got to our room. We got ready for dinner and met the boys at Outback...not my pick, but what do you do, huh...it was only my Birthday!? Lol!! Dinner was good, Nate got me the new Canon camera I'd been wanting, and I was very excited...when I opened it up his friend Tim took it from me and started just taking pictures, I, like I normally do layed my hand on Nate's leg...only to feel something strange in his pocket...it wasn't change...it wasn't keys...about the time he realized that I had figured out what was about to happen he started scooting down the seat (while I was trying to pull him back...lol)..he got down on his knee (yes in the Outback Steakhouse...lol)...and asked me to spend my life with him...
I was sooo very surprised, which is very hard to do! Everything finally sank in yesterday, and I am so, so excited! I honestly can't wait to spend my life with him! I can't wait to start planning a wedding!! I hope y'all are having a great week!! I can't wait to start sharing real wedding planning with you guys!!


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! Congratulations on your engagement!! How exciting!!!!! :) And it seems like you had a GREAT birthday :)

Christina said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful ring!

Michelle (michabella) said...


Love those flowers too! What a GREAT birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH! OMG Congrats girl! Enjoy this time!

Holly said...

Your ring is beautiful!

Cute shirt too! :)

Courtney said...

Congratulations!! Your ring is absolutely beautiful!!

Jennifer said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I don't know how I missed this except I haven't been on twitter or blogs much this week!
I'm so happy for you and Nate did an amazing job with your ring - it's a stunner!!

Best wishes to you both!

Aubrey S. said...

Yay! How exciting. Congrats to you both!

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