Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday: Randoms!

Hey y'all, long time, no see! I kinda suck at life these'll give you a 37 second rundown of what's been going on, and at the end, beg for your forgiveness...
so I work at my normal job Monday - Thursday, then I started working at Sephora part time, I work a couple nights a week, and Fridays and Saturdays...then in my spare time (HA!) my friend Holly and I have a little Christmas tree decorating business that as you can imagine, right now is free time is NON-EXISTENT! I'm not complaining, I love being busy, and I certainly love the, forgive?! K, thanks :) 
Today is Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday and I'm not missing it today! I hope you're all having a great week! I'll post some pictures of Christmas trees we're doing soon, and also tell you guys about my job at Sephora, which I am LOVING! 

I wish I could get away with wearing boots all year!

I love those boots, and that scarf!

Jalapeno Chicken, this looks amazing!

I really want to make some of these in my spare

I wish I could take credit for this, it's gorgeous! Holly J, let's make this happen at your place, K?! :)

This girl has gorgeous hair, and amazing this one!

I want it ALL!

Perfect outfit!

Ha! True story!

 And just for fun...a little sneak peek of some Fall photos I had with my love last weekend! I'll share the rest when we get them from the photographer! 

Y'all go link up with Michelle today!


Miss Honey and Nutmeg said...

Wonderful pins! Where are your boots from in the fall pictures?!?

Brittany said...

I love all of those hair tutorials!

Holly said...

Great pins! I love that first outfit so much. Those monogram ornaments... too cute :)

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

Not only do I like your pins but I love your fall photos -- they're adorable!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like a great busy! Congrats with all of that :)

And great pins! I'm loving these outfits...and want that chicken lol :)

Sarah said...

Love your pins! I want each and every one of those outfits!!

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