Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday: Lusting for Fall Edition!

Seriously, there is nothing better than Fall in Arkansas...and with these insanely hot temperatures we've had lately I can definitely say I am more than ready for Fall. I'm linking up again with Michelle today for...

Lusting for Fall Edition

My absolute favorite scent!


Julianne said...

I LOVE fall it is my favorite time :)))

Krystal said...

Girl, you're crazy! I don't want summer to end!: )

BlessedMama said...

I am loving the fall pin's! :) I am kind of ready :)

birdie to be said...

Great pins! LOVE the outfits and the text cloud!

Joeylee said...

great pins...I love fall

Courtney said...

I cannot wait for fall! This post has definitely made me even more anxious for it to get here!! :)

Cait said...

great pins! you should check out my Bobbie Brown make up compact I'm giving away on my blog :) xo

Michelle said...

LOVE all the fall pins! I always love seeing fall colors :)

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